Rift Valley University Invite all students(Post Graduate,Undergraduate and TVET)  and College Community to proficient utilization of E-Learning Portal by adding up-to-date course material.

Through this E-Learning Portal Student will be able to

  • Read all materials online
  • Take Exams
  • Follow Available links like video or audio links
  • Download Materials for offline reading
  • View Announcements 
  • Follow the progress of their achievement 
  • View Assignments
  • Ask Questions 
  • etc.
  • View Forums
  • View results online 


The Trainer are responsible for all the above functionalities including preparing Textbook,Exam,Assignment,Video,announcements,forums etc

Integrated Therapeutics II (Phar442) Pharmacy
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Introduction to computer and application software Adult Health
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Introduction to Emerging Technology Natural Science
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